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Fitness Swims at Orlando’s Rocky’s Retreat

Did you know that Rocky’s Retreat offers fitness swims for dogs who love to swim? What  is a fitness swim? It’s a session where your dog is swimming freely in the water, without one of the Rocky’s Retreat aqua therapists in the water assisting and guiding the session (to provide maximum benefit for those dogs that need it).

When is a fitness swim an option for your dog? First your dog must love to swim and be a good swimmer. Typically these dogs love to chase a ball or a toy while in the water. You must also be able to keep your dog in the pool during the session, throwing the toy, and resting him on the steps as he needs it. Most often, a half hour fitness swim session is all that’s necessary for a great workout. Finally, your dog can’t require any assistance while in the water. 

We have a few clients whose dogs are doing fitness swims for a variety of reasons – one, a young German Shepard with hip dysplasia, and another, a golden retriever who also has some hind end issues. Both are great swimmers and love being in the water. Both love chasing a tennis ball. As you can see in this video, if you have a dog that is a great swimmer, and either has some sort of physical issue, needs to lose weight, or simply needs more exercise than you can provide, fitness swim sessions at Rocky’s Retreat are a great option to keep your dog healthy!