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Get Your Dog In Shape Before It’s Too Late

In the last month or so, we’ve had calls from several people who unfortunately we were not able to help. One was a dog that was morbidly obese and as a result had heart issues. Another had a degenerative disease that had progressed to the point of hind end paralysis and loss of bladder and bowel control. A third was old and weak, and when we requested veterinary clearance prior to agreeing to try to help this dog, the veterinarian said he would not give clearance. (We always require veterinarian clearance if there is any question about the dog.)

This is something that truly saddens us – not being able to help. If these people had brought their dogs to us earlier in their lives, we might have been able to help the dog lose weight, rebuild muscle mass to support the body, improve cardiovascular and respiratory condition, build strength and endurance, and generally improve the dog’s quality of life for the remaining time they had left.

That’s the message we are trying to get out! Get your dog in shape before it’s too late! Don’t wait until there’s nothing that can be done. Be proactive. If you haven’t already, start a structured exercise program when you first notice signs of any type of degeneration. Begin a structured exercise program right away, even if it’s done only once or twice a month. Better yet, start them when they’re young!

What is a structured exercise program? One thing it’s not is a walk around the block (or blocks). To us, a structured exercise session is similar to what personal trainers do for humans. They guide and direct the exercise session to ensure you reach your individual fitness goals. We do the same thing for dogs. We work with the owner to identify their particular goals for the dog. Our facility has an indoor warm water ozone sanitized pool (no harmful chlorine), treadmills and other canine conditioning equipment. We use one or more of these (depending on the dog) to help the dog attain the goals set by the owner.

Just like with humans, structured exercise programs improve overall fitness, and can give your dog a higher quality of life for a longer period of time. And after all, as dog lovers and “pet parents”, that’s what we all want. Talk to us about your dog’s fitness level and how it may be improved. We’re happy to help you help your dog live “Better Stronger Longer”.