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Halloween Safety Tips for Your Dog

Dressing up the family dog in a Halloween costume seems to be all the rage, with cute costumes and a chance to show off your adorable cute pet at one of the many Halloween costume contests that are abundant this time of year.  But unlike kids, your dog probably won’t be as happy wearing a costume especially if the costume limits the dog’s ability to see, smell, hear, or move.

So when deciding on a costume, think simple. The Humane Society of the United States has the following recommendations for costumes for your pets:

Following these simple guidelines will ensure your dog’s safety.

If your dog doesn’t immediately take to the costume, don’t be surprised. Get them used to it slowly, using lots of praise and whatever way you treat your dog. When a dog learns that wearing the costume gives them treats or a reward, they’ll look forward to wearing it!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Doggie Door’s annual Halloween Costume Contest on Sunday Oct 28th, from 10 – 4pm in Winter Park on the north end of Central Park. Bring your dogs, even if they don’t have a costume!

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