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Helping Kobi Lose Weight

Kobi is a 4 year old beagle that weighs almost 70 lbs. He should probably weigh closer to 35 or 40. His weight kept creeping up and was caused by a number of circumstances. His “mom” Pam said her efforts to help him lose weight weren’t working. So she brought him to us. This video is his first visit to Rocky’s Retreat.


He’s a sweet, happy boy, who loves life, and once he loses the weight, he’ll be better able to get around and will feel a whole lot better. Plus he’ll live longer and have better quality of life. We’re working closely with his “parents” to monitor his diet, while giving him the exercise he needs. In his initial swim, he had little endurance, but with repeated swims, that will change. We look forward to helping him get in shape!