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How to Know When Your Dog is in Pain

When you child is in pain, there’s no mistaking it – you know it. But what about your dog? How do you know when your dog is in pain?

Dogs feel pain for many of the same reasons as humans do – injuries, arthritis, surgical recovery, infections, and more. But your dog can’t easily tell you when and where they hurt. So what can you do? Monitor your dog regularly and look for subtle changes. Changes in behavior, daily habits, activity level, posture, facial expressions and more. Is your dog lethargic, not eating as usual, quiet, laying around too much, reluctant to get up, or laying on one side only?

Pain can easily distroy one’s quality of life. Think about when you’re in pain and how miserable you feel. The same is true with your dog. If you suspect your dog is in pain, consult with your veterinarian. Many causes of pain can be easily solved or managed. Once you know the cause of the pain, look at alternate ways to manage the pain, such as acupuncture or cold laser treatments, or massage. And consider aqua therapy as an excellent means of non-weight bearing exercise to keep your dog strong. Even though your dog may be in pain, it’s important to keep exercising your dog. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help your dog!

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