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Hydrotherapy for Dogs and Life Jackets

Why don’t we use life jackets during our 
canine hydrotherapy sessions at Rocky’s Retreat?

We’re often asked if we use life jackets during our dog hydrotherapy sessions at Rocky’s Retreat. The answer is no. Why?

As you will see in this short video snippet, dogs often won’t move their back legs when swimming.

If you have a dog with a weak hind end as many dogs do, especially older, arthritic dogs, or dogs recovering from surgery, wearing a life jacket and then not moving limbs is of no benefit to rebuilding lost muscle.

Dogs often can’t get full range of motion when wearing a life jacket, something that’s very important for rehabilitation.

They also learn they can float, and often get lazy!

So to get full benefit from your dog’s hydrotherapy session, look for a facility that doesn’t use life jackets!

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