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I Hate Fleas and So Does My Dog

Believe it or not, I never experienced fleas until I moved to Florida – I did battle with ticks; coming from the northeast and I’m not sure which is worse. It doesn’t really matter, the fact is they were gross and my dog suffered. At the time, I was using chemicals just like so many others to eradicate or prevent infestation. Pulling off the fat ticks (Ugh!) or watching my dog scratch was difficult. So, I resorted to the recommended flea and tick control.

I hated putting these chemicals on my dog. I knew if used long enough, the physical stresses of these poisons would be recognized – my dog’s immune system would eventually be compromised and unable to fight off the infestations and more. The flea, on the other hand has become stronger – they’ve adapted to progressively stronger poisons – they have longer life cycles and are no longer just seasonal pests. Fleas (and ticks) have built up a resistance to the chemicals but our animals haven’t – guess who wins this war!

There is a natural way to protect our pets. According to Dr. Robert Goldstein, VMD, the key is to ensure our pet’s immune system is strong. When the immune system is strong, pests find your dog less appetizing, and move on. Even if bitten, there is very little outward reaction, but an animal with a weak immune system will experience an allergic response resulting in extreme itching and discomfort.

So how can you boost your pet’s immunity? According to Dr. Goldstein the “addition of specific foods and supplements to the diet not only boost immunity but promotes radiant health, but also makes the blood and smell of animals distasteful to fleas and ticks.”

Some flea-fighting ingredients include high grade, unprocessed brewers yeast which is high in B vitamins
(B-1 & B-6) and sulfur-containing amino acids; garlic; B-complex; minerals (calcium, phosphorus, zinc); sulfur.
Some animals are allergic to brewers yeast but there are yeast-free herbal blends that can be concocted.
Rather than mixing the ingredients yourself there are ready made formulas. Examples of such are Flea-Away, Dr
Goldstein’s Internal Powder, Earth Animal’s Herbal Internal Powder or No More Fleas.

If your dog is healthy with a strong immune system, pests will look for an easier, tastier target. Let’s not make it easy for them – let’s win this war!

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