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Is Your Pup Prepared For Hurricane Season?

You might have an emergency evacuation plan, but is your pup prepared for hurricane season this year? Find out what to consider and how you can prepare your pup for this time of year. 

Hurricane season rolls around each year and causes quite a disruptive show for many Florida residents. From uprooted trees and flying debris to storm surges and potential tornadoes, it’s important that you and your family are prepared for hurricane season–this includes your furry friends too. 

Pup Prepared For Hurricane SeasonYou may have an evacuation route or shelter planned out, but they may not be pet friendly or will typically enforce stringent guidelines and requirements of any pet you bring with you. 

This year, hurricane preparation is a little different because of COVID-19; being cautious of social distancing at shelters and the ability to get required pet documents from your veterinary office make for an even more challenging scenario. 

There are several items to check off your hurricane pet supplies list, including identification, transportation, food, and general care. The following are a few pet supplies you should consider gathering to get your pup prepared for hurricane season.

It can be challenging to determine what emergency plans and preparations are the best, especially when it comes to keeping your pets protected and prepared for hurricane season.

If you can’t find a shelter that will accept your pup or if you are evacuating and don’t wish to leave them behind, at Rocky’s Retreat, we are more than happy to help keep them safe during emergency situations with our boarding services

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