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It’s Amazing How Your Dog Knows

I still find it amazing. Your dog knows when you’re happy, sad, angry, excited, upset, not feeling well – all the emotions we can elicit. As pet parents, we’ve become more in-tune with our dogs’ feelings and subsequently they are more in-tune to ours. Our dogs react based on our feelings and emotions and learn behaviors based on our actions. So be good! It’s been said that dogs are manifestations of their owners, you and me. They tend to take on our personalities, energy, and sometimes even our physique.

My dog knows how I feel.

Our dog’s senses are more acute than ours- they recognize the sound of our car, and even how we walk. Just our vibration can bring them to attention before they’ve actually seen us. They’re also more aware of their surroundings; they can track social cues, a gift that can be a huge benefit when meeting new people. Most people (including us) believe that if their dog doesn’t like someone there’s usually a reason for it, and we respect that. We’ve found our dogs to be a great judge of character.

Dogs also have an internal clock – thank goodness, as it’s sometimes the only way we get up in the morning! But seriously, they know when it’s time for breakfast, dinner, to go out – generally it’s the same time every day. They even know, or at least my dog knows, that weekends are a time to sleep in – I’m really glad about that!

If we take the time to learn from our dogs, we will gain some of the greatest wisdom. We’ll find true unconditional love and learn how to love unconditionally. We just have to allow it – their emotions and temperament are a reflection of ours – make it positive and loving.