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Kissimmee Dog Boarding – How to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

Getting your sweet pup ready for boarding can take away the stress for both of you! Let us help you prepare your furry family member for their stay at our Kissimmee dog boarding facility.

Your precious pups are members of your family, and we understand they get homesick and miss you just like a person. We can help ease the stress of leaving your dog so you can enjoy your travels and know your dog is being cared for and loved with a vacation of its own at Rocky’s Retreat. With a few steps to prepare your dog for boarding, they will have a lot more fun and feel much more relaxed in a new place, playing with new friends!

Before your trip, tour our facility and discover the many ways we can personalize your pup’s Kissimmee dog boarding experience. Before your trip, try a few of these ways to get your pup ready to join us for a weekend or more extended stay.

Prepare Emotionally

Spend a little extra time with your pup. In the days and even weeks ahead of boarding, take some extra time to cuddle, take walks, play fetch, talk to, and bond with your dog. That time together is beneficial for both of you. A little goes a long way!

Meet the staff at your Kissimmee dog boarding facility. At Rocky’s Retreat, we are always happy to chat with clients and learn all we can about your dog. We take pride in providing a boutique, customized experience, and we want you to feel completely comfortable leaving your dog in our capable care. You are welcome to stop in at your convenience during our 9:00am – 5:00pm business hours to tour and meet our staff, or you can make an appointment with a manager if there are additional details you’d like to discuss. 

Send familiar toys and items from home with your dog to boarding. We all feel more comfortable away from home when we have familiar items with us. Similar to a child and a favorite stuffed animal or blanket, dogs love having a toy or pillow with them that smells and feels like home – and like you. A few other items to send include a dog bed if used at home, one of your shirts, a pair of your socks (anyone else’s dog like to steal those?), and of course your dog’s regular food and treats. We so many amenities included in overnight boarding when your dog stays with us, we know they will be as comfortable as can be while away from home.

Stay calm during departure. Dogs are so smart and intuitive. They pick up on human emotions and feed off those. If you are nervous or overly upset about leaving, your dog will be too. We can help soothe them once they are settled in by playing calming music and giving a belly rub. If you are upbeat and excited for your pooch to stay at the “doggy hotel” and play with lots of new friends, they will be too. Of course, you will miss each other, but give your pup a big hug and kiss, and tell them you will be back to pick them up very soon. Before long, you both will be ready for whatever your trip brings.

Prepare PhysicallyKissimmee Dog boarding

Get that energy out! As much as possible, spend some extra time with your dog before they stay in a Kissimmee dog boarding facility like Rocky’s Retreat. Go for a long walk, play fetch, run around together, or do another activity that gets your dog up and moving. Exercising and expending some energy will help your dog feel much more relaxed as they are dropped off and get familiar with their new surroundings at the boarding facility. They will also enjoy plenty of supervised playtime and exercise in our large outdoor play areas. 

Allow them to be distracted when you leave. It is helpful for both you and your pup if you give them a toy or treat to distract them when you need to say goodbye. Offer them a new chew toy or bone that they will be excited about, and while they are playing you can leave without upsetting them. We also encourage a quick goodbye. Your sweet pup might cry or whimper when you walk out, but they will adjust and enjoy lots of supervised playtime and attention.  Rest assured, we will give them plenty of cuddles and individual playtime while they are staying with us! 

We understand it can be difficult to leave your beloved dog when you travel, and we invite you to check out our facility and everything we have to offer our four-legged guests so they can happily stay with us while you’re away!

Contact us anytime for more tips to prepare your pup for boarding or to schedule a stay. We look forward to your visit!