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Life Stages – Exercising with Your Adult Dog

An adult dog can do almost anything within reason. As such, some people love exercising with their dogs – a great opportunity to maximize both of your workouts. However, even with an adult dog, you need to consider his needs and physical condition before starting any strenuous exercise regimen involving your dog. Puppies and adolescents require even more special considerations. For example, you don’t want to run with your “under-two” dog because they can still be growing. Doing so may damage joints and cause early onset arthritis.

From adolescent to adult, your dog needs change. As an adult his physical needs plateau and if he’s getting enough proper exercise, it isn’t necessary to increase the amount of exercise to maintain optimum weight and overall wellness.

Size, breed and personality play a part in to the amount of exercise your adult dog needs to keep him satisfied and physically fit. A large and/or energetic dog will require a different level of exercise than a small and/or less active dog. Consider the amount and type that will benefit both of you. Remember he’s your partner and your choices and routine should be designed to be challenging, enjoyable and safe for both of you.


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