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Our Reviews Speak Volumes About Our Local Dog Boarding Services

Ah, there are so many local dog boarding services, how will you ever decide? Reviews can help ease this process and give you a glimpse of what you can expect from boarding with us.

We Guarantee Personalized Attention 

Local Dog Boarding Services

One of the very things that make us different from other local dog boarding services is our attention to detail. We aren’t in the business to put dogs outside to roam free and then stick them in crates at night. That is not the foundation we’ve built for our brand. 

Each and every dog that walks through our door is an addition to our family, and they’re treated as so. We personalize playgroups based on size and/or temperament to ensure even the timid pups are comfortable in our facility. And if they aren’t, they’re given plenty of individual attention and belly rubs to make up for it.

We Accept Pups Of All Ages & Breeds 

Local Dog Boarding Services

It’s important to note that we accept pups of all ages and breeds– and that is something we take great pride in. Regardless of what your pup looks like or acts like (we can work through this), we want them to feel welcome and we want our pup parents to feel comfortable. 

It can be stressful leaving your four-legged baby for an extended period of time, we understand. This is why we offer individual suites so that you know they’re living in luxury and we send pictures daily so that you know they’re having fun.

We Provide A Home Away From Home 

Local Dog Boarding Services

All in all, our goal is to provide the best possible experience for your family. From the moment your pup arrives until the moment they leave, we do our very best to ensure they’re happy campers when they’re picked up. 

There are many local dog boarding services in the area and we might be biased, but none are quite as special as ours. You can read more of our reviews or take a tour of our facility to see what we’re all about. We’d be thrilled to add your sweet pup to the Rocky’s family!