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Mealtime Drama

Did you ever think about the drama that takes place when you feed your dog? Does he sit nicely and wait for his meal? Does he have his paws on the counter to see what you’re doing? Does he dance enthusiastically in anticipation? Or, does he show no interest? All my dogs have been food enthusiasts – I’ve never had one that showed no interest but, I’m sure some are.

What about when you’re eating? Does he sit quietly, stare at you hoping to have a place at the dinner table or is his attention elsewhere, showing no interest when we’re feeding. Whatever he’s doing, I bet he’s still hoping to get some leftover morsels.

It’s OK for your dog to hope, but in my opinion it’s not OK to beg and be a nuisance, especially when there is company. You don’t want to isolate your dog during this time – this is another family gathering and your dog is family. So, be sure to train your dog to be polite during mealtime so he can join you during this time of togetherness!