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New Book on Aromatherapy for Dogs!

Does your dog have any behavioral issues such as anxieties, noise phobias, obsessive behaviors, or aggression?

Is your dog older, or does he carry emotional baggage from earlier in his life?

Does he have physical issues such as skin problems, arthritis, allergies, or other conditions?

If so, these conditions and more can be helped using Essential Oils.

As a certified animal aromatherapist, I’ve worked with a number of dogs with behavioral and physical problems. I’ve seen first hand the wonderful changes inaromatherapy the dogs I’ve worked with.

Given properly, essential oils reduce stress, a major cause of disease. Instinct and emotions such as pain, pleasure, anger, or fear may be heightened or subdued, diminishing both behavioral and physical problems.

Essential Oils support the whole body to heal the problem and restore the body to health, instead of treating or masking symptoms. When well-being is restored, the body heals naturally.

I’m so happy to announce that my teacher and mentor, one of the premier animal aromatherapists in the world has just published her second book “The Aromatic Dog,” a must have for anyone interested in helping their dogs using essential oils. Check it out on places like Amazon.

When used appropriately and with the interest of the animal at the forefront, Essential Oils can help your animal with many emotional and physical issues. I encourage you to give them a try.