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No Hassle Orlando Dog Boarding

Are you going on vacation? Are you on your way to a weekend getaway but just don’t know what to do with your little pooch? Then we can help, because here at Rocky’s Retreat, we offer no hassle Orlando dog boarding.

Here’s how our Orlando dog boarding works and why you should consider it.

Personal Attention

Here at Rocky’s Retreat, we will make sure your little pup gets all the attention he or she needs. Not only will we give your pup the care he or she deserves, but we will also make sure that you receive texts and pics of your dog, so you know they are happy with where they’re staying.

The Suites

We offer different size rooms for your pup to stay in, all of which are set at fair prices.Orlando dog boarding

The Rooms We Offer:

Each suite comes with many amenities. For our dogs, we offer substantial outdoor play areas, lots of supervised daily playtime with other dogs that are boarding and dogs that are in doggie day care!

For each dog, we match play styles, which is one of the things that makes us unique. We will match wrestlers with wrestlers, dogs that love to play fetch with other dogs that love to play fetch (but no ball hogs!), and low-key dogs with other low-key dogs.

There’s plenty of private playtime with staff, as well as games such as fetch or tug of war. We offer specialized attention and care for those dogs who are in need of it. Not to mention cuddle time!

Doggie Day Care  

We also offer doggie day care for those pet parents who have to work all day and want their pups to be in an active, happy, playful environment with other dogs. We can do a free day care evaluation, too!

Are you going away on a trip and need Orlando dog boarding? Then be sure to give us a call here at Rocky’s Retreat to set up an appointment today!