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Oh Mom, Is This Really Necessary?

I took my dog Beau to the groomer this morning and began to wonder what our dogs think about when we take them to get fully manicured and/or when we outfit them in the latest couture. They are dogs, they probably don’t really care. Do you think they look in the mirror, prance around and admire themselves? I don’t think so! It’s really for us, their owners. We want them to look cute – for most of us, they’re our children.

I take Beau to the groomer every couple months to even out his coat, get rid of any mats and to cut his nails (they’re black and I’m afraid to do them myself). He hates it – I usually have to start walking with him, for him to move from the reception area to the back. He slinks, tail tucked between his legs looking forlorn – oh horror – you would think that he was going to be tortured. Between these appointments, I bathe him, something he tolerates. I do love when he comes back from the groomer – he always smells nice and looks so handsome. I feel like showing him off with his new bandana around his neck.

When I think of dog coats, sweaters or rain gear, it’s sensible for small dogs, short-haired dogs without a thick fur undercoat, inactive dogs and old dogs, those with health problems as they are more vulnerable to cold or wet weather due to their inability to maintain body heat. But in general, dogs don’t need all this clothing. Those with heavy coats regulate their own body temperature with an insulating layer of fur – this is a natural climate-control system and if interfered with can cause harm, especially if he’s wearing this while active. As his guardian, this is something that deserves onsideration.

I think t may be a fun way to humanize our dogs, as well as a passion for fashion that makes many guardians costume their 4 legged companions in sweaters, coats, tshirts, little skirts, scarves, hats etc, even sunglasses – cool!

Our dogs love us no matter what we do. If dressing them in cute little outfits gives us pleasure, then they’ll deal with it no matter what they really think!!

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