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3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Looking Up An Orlando Daycare For Dogs

The perks you’ll find at an Orlando daycare for dogs vary. We’re sharing what you can expect from your pup’s vacation at Rocky’s Retreat.

We can understand how difficult it can be to choose an Orlando daycare for dogs. Who will be the best fit for your pup? Who has the best package to offer? These, along with the following questions, are all reasonable and expected.

At Rocky’s Retreat, we’re known for our personalized care. Here are three questions you should ask yourself when shopping for that perfect place for your pup:


  1. Will My Pup Play With Dogs That Are Similar In Size Or Temperament?

The answer is yes, yes, yes! At Rocky’s Retreat, we are very specific with the playgroups we expose your pups to. We split dogs into small playgroups of two to five to ensure no pup is overwhelmed or outnumbered. It’s important to us that every pup feels comfortable and gets along with the other pups in their playgroup. You won’t have to worry about your pup’s safety at our Orlando daycare for dogs.


  1. Will My Pup Get Personal Attention?

Orlando Daycare For Dogs

Of course! Your pup will receive one-on-one attention from our staff. As an Orlando daycare for dogs, we believe it’s important to ensure all pups are individually comforted and cared for. Our staff makes it a point to give all the belly rubs and head-scratching necessary to keep your pup happy.


  1. What’s Included In Your Daycare Package?

At Rocky’s Retreat, our daycare package includes more than intimate attention and group playtime. We also offer free nail trims, ear cleanings, and regular brushing for our member pups. We do our best to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth while you’re away. If there’s anything we can assure you of, it’s that your pup will leave happy (and maybe a little bit tired)!

Come join the Rocky’s family and bring your pup into this Orlando daycare for dogs. We’d love to have you both! Contact us today to get more information on our packages and services.