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Only The Best Orlando Dog Care Services For Your Perfect Pup

Local Orlando dog care can come in many different forms. We provide structured care that can have a huge impact on your pup’s development.

Are you tired of paying someone to just come over and let your pup out, knowing they’re not getting the exercise and attention they need to grow? There’s a better way to ensure your pup is being taken care of. At Rocky’s Retreat, we offer the best Orlando dog care services in the area. Whether you need daycare or overnight boarding, our staff is trained to provide one-on-one care that’s vital for your pup’s development.


Think of your typical daycare service, except with pups of all shapes, sizes and ages. If you’re a working dog parent and don’t have the option to care for your pup during the day, this service was designed with you in mind.

We encourage pup parents to drop off anytime after 7:30 am. Once you and your pup arrive, we check you in, make sure we have all the necessary paperwork and then we’re ready to have some fun. Our daycare program offers plenty of one-on-one attention, as well as intimate playgroups based on size and temperament. We have a large backyard for running, playing and digging. We’ll even initiate training reinforcement to ensure your pup doesn’t lose their manners along the way.

Our pricing varies based on packages. We offer a single day pass for $40, a 5-day pass for $185, a 10-day pass for $350, a 20-day pass for $640, and a 30-day pass for $900. If you foresee yourself needing doggie daycare often, we recommend becoming a member to receive the best deals!

Dog Boarding

Orlando Dog CareThis Orlando dog care service is perfect for travelers who can’t always bring their pups with them. Instead, you can have peace of mind knowing your pup is loved and cared for by dog parents and lovers ourselves.

Our dog boarding service includes all that daycare has to offer, plus more! We have a variety of beautifully appointed suites for you to choose from to make your pups stay extra comfortable.

We’ll feed them the food of your choice and dispense medications as needed. Let’s just say, this is your pup’s best bet at an all-inclusive vacation destination!

Pricing is dependent on the room chosen. We have the following options:

For more information on our Orlando dog care services, please contact us today! We’d love to set up a tour of our facility or accommodate you in any way we can.