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How Hydrotherapy Can Improve Your Pup’s Physical Health

Orlando dog hydrotherapy can help with so many ailments. Our facility has an indoor, heated pool and dedicated staff for them to get stronger over time.

When you see your dog struggling with daily activities or struggling to walk, it might be time to consider Orlando dog hydrotherapy.Orlando Dog Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the use of exercises in the pool to help with treatments for different conditions. Hydrotherapy can help dogs with lots of different conditions:


Our Orlando Dog Hydrotherapy

Our assisted Orlando dog hydrotherapy sessions are ideal for dogs who have any of the above issues or who are not used to the water yet. During our hydrotherapy sessions, a trained and certified canine hydrotherapist is always in the pool with your dog, guiding the session, monitoring your dog’s health, and ensuring maximum benefit from the session.

Orlando Dog Hydrotherapy


Along with our Orlando dog hydrotherapy sessions, we also offer our pool to dogs who love to swim! Want them to get a lot of exercise? Want them to be with a trainer who can help them? Then look no further than Rocky’s Retreat! We offer half hour and hour sessions and, for first-time swimmers, we offer a special 10% discount.

Orlando Dog Hydrotherapy Pricing

In addition to hydrotherapy, we offer recreational swimming for pups looking for fun in the water. If your dog is in need of training to improve their strength in the water, our staff is happy to help. Our pricing varies by type and length of session and starts at $55 for a ½ hour assisted swim or $40 for a ½ hour recreational swim.  We have several packages available to fit your needs and budget.

Whether your dog needs help with their swimming, getting comfortable in the water or if your dog needs help with ailments and making them stronger, we are here to help. We’re passionate about your pup achieving optimal wellness and our staff of caring experts can help them do just that!