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3 Ways Orlando Puppy Boarding Can Benefit Your Pup

We all think our pups are the best in every way. But did you know they can learn these three things from our Orlando puppy boarding?

Dogs are, without a doubt, highly intelligent animals that can pick up on habits and emotions. We may be biased, but we truly believe they make the world a better place. In saying that, dogs must be given love, attention, and direction in order to reach their full potential. Orlando puppy boarding at Rocky’s Retreat does just that. Our team is passionate about the progress we see from the beginning to the end of a pup’s stay.

Here are three ways Orlando puppy boarding can benefit your pup:


  1. Staying Active


Orlando puppy boardingAs part of our Orlando dog boarding package, exercise is inevitable. Our 7000 square facility provides plenty of room for running and playing. The package includes a full day of doggie daycare, daily playtime with other pups and/or private playtime with our staff. Trust us, your dog sleeps real good come night time.

We also offer hydrotherapy assisted swimming and fitness swims for an additional cost. Hydrotherapy is ideal for pups seven years and older who struggle with arthritis, weight gain, or simply not being able to move like they used to. Fitness swims are for younger and healthier pups that already know how to swim but love spending time in the water and playing hands-on pool activities.  Needless to say, there are plenty of exercise opportunities!


  1. Developing Social Skills

Believe it or not, dogs also struggle with socializing. This can be in the form of disliking other dogs or people. With Orlando puppy boarding, your pup can be exposed to a wide variety of sizes and breeds. However, we’re very careful when it comes to introducing dogs and playgroups. Our customers appreciate our discretion when determining if their pup is ready to be social. We don’t always let all dogs play together, but sometimes by breaking their everyday routine and surrounding them with new faces, pups like to open up and make themselves comfortable.

We also see positive behavior changes when it comes to Orlando dog boarding. Because the age range varies at Rocky’s Retreat, a lot of younger pups pick up on good habits exhibited by older ones. There’s no telling what we can expect from these smart cookies.


  1. Receiving Intimate Attention

You’re likely booking Orlando puppy boarding because you don’t have the time or ability to give your pup the attention it needs. That’s why we’re here! Our team is exceptional at providing pups with unlimited love and attention. They love what they do and it shows. There’s no doubt your pup will be spoiled rotten on this mini vacation!

To book a stay for Orlando puppy boarding, give us a call. We’ll welcome your precious pup with open arms and endless belly rubs!