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Our Four Legged Kids

Dogs are part of our family – many people consider them as their children. I know I do.  Cats are also family members but they are so independent that the same nurturing we offer our dogs usually is not necessary.

Whether they are puppies, adolescents, adults or seniors, they look to us for care and love – unfortunately not all receive the level they deserve but that’s for another discussion.  Just as children, we provide the training or guidance so they can go out in the world and make friends and be good dog citizens.  They look to us to take care of their every need – to feed, to go potty, to bathe or brush after having a good old time rolling in the dirt or on something aromatic like a dead animal. Don’t forget their need for tenderness like when they nuzzle you, or roll on their back for belly rubs, or just want to lay next to you, quietly.  When they are sick or injured, they show us and look us to make them feel.

My dog Beau had a pebble stuck between his toes when we were out walking one day.  He stopped, raised his paw and looked longingly at me to please help, and course I did.  On another occasion, since he loves to eat grass, he had a difficult time pooping – there was a blade of grass that he just couldn’t release.  He turned to me to help him – I pulled it out and it seemed like he smiled to say thanks mom.

We are their caregivers, the pack leader – it’s a responsibility I’m happy to assume.  Our dogs provide so much in return – they love us for us, are non-judgmental and will always be by our side to support us in everything we do.  What we do for them is miniscule compared to what we receive from our four-legged kids.

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