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6 Things Your Pup Can Expect From A Pet Boarding Orlando Sleepover

Searching the web for the perfect ‘pet boarding Orlando’ slumber party? You’ve come to the right place!

Group Playtime 

First thing’s first, we do allow pups to play in groups. However, we do a great job of personalizing these groups based on size and/or temperament for the maximum amount of fun and safety. This is something our customers pride us in because we don’t just allow all pups to roam our facility freely. If you’re looking for ‘pet boarding Orlando’ and you’re worried about your shy pup, don’t worry. Just let us know and we’ll customize their experience accordingly! 

Individual Playtime 

If your pup isn’t one that loves playing with others or one that requires special attention, this is what we’re here for. Our staff is comprised of dog owners and lovers who would be more than happy to love on your pup individually. We make an effort to set aside that special time so that each pup feels at home. 

Pet Boarding OrlandoDinner Time 

Once your pup is all played out and ready to grub, we’ll serve them the dinner of your choice. This is also when we’ll dispense their medications as necessary. When their plates are clean and their bellies are happy, we may even have a frozen Kong treat waiting for them. But shh, don’t tell them- we want it to be a surprise! 

Cuddle Time 

Our favorite time of the day! We do a daily room cleaning and “turn down” service for all pups staying in our suites. We put on calming music and give belly rubs to make the cuddle time extra special. Needless to say, we go above and beyond for ‘pet boarding Orlando.’ 


No night is complete without a bedtime tuck-in. At Rocky’s Retreat, we treat each and every pup as our own. We’re an all-inclusive facility that welcomes all breeds, shapes and sizes with open arms. We love what we do and it shows! 

To make a reservation for ‘pet boarding Orlando,’ contact us today! Our holiday schedule is filling up- so act fast!