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3 Signs Pine Hills Overnight Dog Boarding Is Right For Your Pup

If you’re a pet owner who needs to travel for work, is going on vacation, or has some other event taking place that doesn’t allow your pet to join you on your trip, Rocky’s Retreat is just the place for your pup! Check out some of the reasons why our Pine Hills overnight dog boarding is a great choice for your dog’s very own vacation destination. 

You’re Looking For A Place With Comfy Spaces And Personalized Care 

We have clean, comfortable rooms so your dog will always have a cozy place to sleep each night. Regular meals, water, and treats are always available to your dog. If your dog has any special dietary needs, we will cater to them. Each of these points will be covered at the time you make your reservation so that your dog stays healthy and feeling great during their stay with us! 

If your dog tends to become anxious in unfamiliar places, we have team members who can help them feel more at home. Sometimes, older dogs may have a more challenging time acclimating to changes in their environments. We can help your dog feel secure and well-cared-for no matter what their temperament or individual needs may be. We also provide regular brushing, toys, and other fun activities that will give your dog a great vacation of their own. 

You’re Looking For A Place That Offers Tons Of Activities 

We have dog playgroups that are perfect for your pup. While your dog stays with us, we will provide lots of playtime so that your dog never gets bored or lonely. We know your dog will be missing you, but we want them to have a great time until you return. We have separate groups for dogs that are organized according to their personalities and energy levels. Have a younger dog who never seems to get tired? We have a playgroup for them! If your dog is on the more laid-back end of the spectrum, we will place them with other friends so that they will not become overwhelmed. All dogs have unique tastes and temperaments, and we want them to feel confident and excited for each day of their Pine Hills overnight dog boarding experience. 

Many dogs love to run, jump, and dig when they are playing. The giant sandpit located in the backyard of our facility is just the place where your pup can do all of these things, and more! Don’t worry about any mess afterward – we also offer a bath for your dog so that they are squeaky clean and ready to meet you when you return!

You’re Looking For A Place With Great SwimmingPine Hills overnight dog boarding

Rocky’s Retreat has a pool where your dog can splash, jump, and swim with new friends. We offer recreational swims as well as hydrotherapy sessions. Our facility has one of Central Florida’s only temperature-controlled indoor swimming pools for dogs. We think that is pretty awesome, and our canine friends agree! The hydrotherapy sessions we offer are guided by a trained and certified canine hydrotherapist who leads your pooch through each step of the session. Hydrotherapy is a great way for dogs to improve their overall health. It helps to strengthen their limbs, and can help to manage anxiety as well. 

Our recreational swims are more free-form and provide a great way for your dog to exercise and burn off some energy during the day. Even without the structure of formal therapy, swimming is an awesome way for your dog to improve their health in and out of the water, and helps to promote wellbeing. Our recreational swims are a group activity that is always monitored by a staff member. This ensures that each dog has a great time, is comfortable with the water activities, and stays safe. 

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