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Post Surgical Canine ACL Rehab Through Hydrotherapy

ACL tears on dog’s knees seems to be very common these days, we hear about it all the time. Depending on the severity of the tear, it can sometimes heal on its own, other times surgery is warranted. Lulu, a bull mastiff / pit bull mix has been swimming with us for over a year initially to lose weight, then to maintain her weight. Along the way, probably because she was chasing rabbits, she tore her ACL. The initial tear was minor, and she was able to heal through a combination of rest and hydrotherapy. But then she tore it again, this time all the way. We referred her mom Leslie to Dr. Bacia at Powers Drive Animal Hospital, who performed the surgery. Within two weeks, he gave clearance for Lulu to swim again. Here’s a short video of her first swim, post surgery.

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