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2 Things To Expect From Our Boutique Puppy Boarding Facility

Are you looking for a puppy boarding facility that will offer your puppy the best experience possible? Look no further!

As a business in the caregiving industry, we take our responsibility of keeping your pup happy and comfortable to heart. Rocky’s Retreat was founded by dog lovers and dog parents who wanted to provide a safe place for pups who needed looking after. We’re aware of how important consistent attention is for a dog’s development and our services are based upon that value. Our puppy boarding service is sure to make your pup feel right at home.

What You Can Expect:

Puppy BoardingWhen you drop off for puppy boarding, there will be pertinent paperwork that needs to be filled out in order to preserve the safety of each guest. We abide by certain standards to ensure we’re consistent and reliable across the board. Once all the necessary paperwork is turned in, your pup will be ready to play!

Throughout their time with us, you can expect personal attention, group socialization, training reinforcement, ear cleaning, brushing, and daily room cleaning. We’ll also dispense medications as necessary. Be sure to have your phone on you because we’ll send daily updates and photos of your pup enjoying their free time!

What Your Pup Can Expect:

During puppy boarding, your pup will be promised lots of playtime in both a group setting and one-on-one. We have a big backyard that’s great for running, digging in the sand and socializing with other pups. We personalize the playgroups by size and temperament to ensure your pup is playing well with others.

Once playtime is over and your puppy is ready for a break, we’ll serve them dinner and maybe even a treat (definitely a treat). Towards the end of the night, we’ll do a bedtime tuck-in followed with belly rubs until they’re asleep. They’ll be well-rested and ready to do it all over again the next day!

For more information on puppy boarding, contact us today! We’d love to schedule a tour of our facility to help make your decision easier.