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Stress Issues? Try Our Maitland Swimming Pool For Dogs

Boarding your dog can be stressful for dog and owner alike. Here are some signs your pooch is stressed out and how our Maitland swimming pool for dogs can make them feel at ease during their visit.

Most humans experience stress from time to time. When you’re put in an unfamiliar situation: new sights, new smells, and new people, it can take some time for you to acclimate and calm down. 

Now, imagine you’re a dog, and your owner leaves you in a strange place, with strange people and other dogs, then leaves. It’s understandable that being away from home can cause your pal a little anxiety. 

When you’re stressed, doesn’t a nice swim calm you down? Same for our four-legged friends! Our Maitland swimming pool for dogs is a wonderful stress reliever. Here’s why.

At Rocky’s Retreat, we care about your pal’s wellbeing and want you both to feel at ease at drop-off and during Fido’s stay. Here are some common signs of stress and how we can help alleviate them for your buddy with our Maitland swimming pool for dogs.

What Are The Most Common Signs of Stress In Dogs?

Growling – A common defense mechanism, growling lets others know that a dog is uncomfortable and needs some space. When a pup pal growls, we will give him some space and some time to get used to his surroundings. When he’s settled down, we give lots of personal attention to our friends, offering all the belly rubs and petting they can stand.

Body Language – Stressed out body language appears in a number of ways, including:

At Rocky’s Retreat, our caring team is trained to recognize these stress signals, and we know the best ways to soothe your sweet Sadie. We want her boarding stay with us to be fun and stress-free! 

Our hydrotherapy staff is fully trained to work with your dog in the water. Whether your dog needs swim therapy or wants to swim and fetch a ball for fun, we’re here for it!

How Does Our Maitland Swimming Pool For Dogs Alleviate Stress?

Good For Joints – Older dogs can have some trouble getting around. As dogs age, like people, joints get stiff and mobility is harder. Water is wonderful for mobility. If you’ve ever had a stiff knee or elbow, you know how much better you can move in the water.

Pain-Relieving – Swimming can be helpful with all forms of pain. If a dog is recovering from an illness or surgery, water is very therapeutic. It also helps them build strength in a lower-impact way than walking or running.

Good For Overall Health – Just like swimming is good exercise for their humans, dogs’ health improves with a few dips in the pool now and then. Overweight dogs can burn way more calories in the pool than on land. Dogs who suffer from anxiety can feel relaxed in the water as well.

Our Maitland swimming pool for dogs at Rocky’s Retreat isn’t the only fun activity we offer our pooch guests. Check out some of the other services Rover can get when he visits our friendly staff:

What Other Services Do We Offer?Maitland swimming pool for dogs

It is our mission to keep your pets safe and happy during their stay with us. We know that spending the night away from home is rough (ruff?), so we provide all of our special guests with these services:

How great does all that sound? You may be thinking that you’d like to stay overnight too but all of this luxury is just for our four-legged friends, sorry!

We can’t wait to meet you and your sweet pup, so when you’re looking for a  Maitland swimming pool for dogs, look no further than Rocky’s! Our staff is fully trained to care for your pal and make his stay fun and fabulous! Contact us today to set up your boarding experience.