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Summer Safety Tips for Your Furry Family Members

Summer is not only enjoyable for us but also our furry family members. Here are some Summer safety tips for your pups! 

Summertime is approaching and celebrating Memorial Day is usually the start to outdoor activities, BBQ’s, family and friend outdoor gatherings as well as trips out in nature. Dogs love the summer season as much as we do, so it’s always great to be prepared for your precious fur babies. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind while you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and all the activities that come with it!


Fresh Water & Shade

Making sure your pup has enough fresh water and shade is vital to helping them cool off and stay hydrated. We can’t forget our pets have fur and get much thirstier than we do. Other than panting, dogs do not have any other way of cooling down and by providing sufficient shade and water, you will ensure they stay safe. 


Never Leave Your Dog in the Car 

Even if you are just running into the store to grab a couple of items, it can literally take MINUTES for your dog to develop heat stroke and possibly suffocate in your car. If you wouldn’t leave your child in the car, don’t leave your dog in the car either!



Yes, sunscreen! If you weren’t aware, dogs can get sunburned, especially those that are lighter colored and have short hair. Sunburns, as we all know, can be painful and if you overexpose your dog to the sun they can develop skin cancer just like us humans. Consult with a professional about what sunscreen is the safest for your pet (dogs cannot use human sunscreen!).


Beware of Table Food

Some of your delicious BBQ or picnic items can actually be poisonous for your dog, so make sure to look into what foods are okay for your pets and which ones can pose a health risk. It’s important to ensure your dog stays clear of any foods that can get stuck in their intestines and, in turn require surgery. 


Keep Your Dog Leashed, Secured & ID’d 

If you’re out, or if you’re having a BBQ in the backyard, making sure your dog is leashed or secured somewhere will prevent them from escaping or becoming injured. Also, ALWAYS remember to have your pet’s ID’s attached to their collars containing their identification and information. We can become easily distracted when it comes to fun events and outings, but if you decide to take your pup with you, always remember to keep them by you, indoors or in a contained and secured area. 


Keep Away from Fireworks

Fireworks are typically associated with any summer holiday, starting with Memorial Day weekend. The loud noises and bright lights from fireworks can give a dog serious anxiety, which can lead to running away. Fireworks are not only scary, but they’re also harmful to pets due to their hazardous chemicals.


Water Safety

Whether it’s by a pool, lake or ocean- remember not all dogs know how to swim! Keeping an eye out for your pet when they’re near any body of water is vital to their safety. You can always secure your dog with a flotation device or you can always go swimming too! 


Memorial Day is always a great reason to enjoy the outdoors and the beginning of summer. Whatever type of celebrating you’re doing, be mindful of your dog’s safety at all times. It’s a smart idea to tire your dog out before your Memorial Day activities. Take them on a summer walk to get their energy out so they stay relaxed.


Wishing you a happy and safe Memorial Day and summer!