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Surgical Rehabilitation Through Hydrotherapy

After surgical clearance from your veterinarian, one of the best ways to rehabilitate your dog is by warm water swimming with a trained hydrotherapist. Rehabilitation from broken legs, hip and knee surgeries and some spinal surgeries can be sped up by getting the dog moving appropriately in the water. After surgery, most dogs won’t put any weight on the affected limb. If this continues, the muscle mass lost due to the surgery will continue and the dog may not regain full use of the limb for some time, if ever.

We’ve worked with several dogs who were recovering from various surgical procedures, some due to injury, some due to a genetic defect, such as hip dysplasia. Here’s a video of Amara, a young Rhodesian Ridgeback who had surgery in mid March. Amara was found tied to a post with an old hip injury that Ridgeback rescue believes is due to being hit by a car. We’ve been swimming her twice a week since the beginning of April. When we first met her she wouldn’t put any weight on her left hind leg. Now, 6 weeks later, look at her!