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Swimming – Good for People, Good for Dogs!

There was an article in the Orlando Sentinel the other day that spoke about swimming and how it was never too late to start. The same thing is true with most dogs. A full body workout, swimming is about as perfect as an exercise can get. It’s non-weight bearing, making it easy on joints, and the water provides more resistance than air, which not only makes the exercise more difficult, but helps to prevent injury by not allowing for sudden movements.

While there are some medical conditions where swimming is not appropriate, generally dogs of all ages can benefit from regular swimming in a warm water pool, especially under the guidance of a trained canine aqua therapist. From puppies to seniors, the benefits are significant. Here are just Cooper swimminga few: 

Swimming is especially important for dogs who have any type of physical limitation, be it excess weight, arthritis or other degenerative joint disease, surgical or injury recovery, or any kind of pain. It’s very easy on the body, yet it’s a great workout. So if you want to improve or maintain your dog’s health and fitness, give us a call today. We can help!  

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