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Table Food and Your Dog

I know there are different opinions as to whether table food or scraps are OK to feed your dog. Many veterinarians are adamantly opposed to feeding “people food” to a dog. I personally don’t see a problem. I’ve been feeding my dog Beau the same food I’ve been eating for a long time. In addition to his regular meal, he gets a mixture of what I eat – meat, vegetables, grains and fruits and he’s perfectly healthy. He’s also on a raw diet but that’s a subject for another time.

My feeling is that if you have a healthy diet, it’s perfectly OK to share some of your meal with your dog. But if your diet consists of regular pizzas and stops at fast food burger joints like McDonalds, then no, don’t share. Bottom line is if it’s healthy for humans, then it’s good for our dog. Use common sense in what you eat to stay healthy, and you can feel perfectly comfortable giving your dog a taste. Just make sure you give it to him after you’ve eaten your dinner and be careful around the holidays! You don’t want to encourage your dog to become a beggar. Your dog will really enjoy it!

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