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Table Food for your Dog?

I give my dog Beau table food as I’ve done with all my other dogs.  The one mistake I made in the past was giving them tidbits while I was eating and as a result they became very good at begging!  Often times I’d have these eyes peering up at me from my lap and find a wet napkin from their attempt to lick off morsels of food that may have been wiped from my mouth.  This of course is unacceptable especially when you have company for dinner.  Now leftovers are relegated to Beau’s dinner bowl which he gets when everyone is finished dinner.  It works and he’s happy.

I know there are different opinions as to whether table food or scraps are healthy for your dog.  I personally don’t see a problem.  I’ve been feeding Beau the same food I’ve been eating for a long time.  He gets his meat, vegetables, grains and fruits as well as a high quality supplement and he’s perfectly healthy.

With a few exceptions, my feeling is that if it’s good for us, it’s good for them.  If we’re feeding or treating our dogs with lean meats, whole grains, vegetables and some fruits, how can that be unhealthy? Bottom line is if it’s good for human consumption, then it’s good for our dog.  However, if it’s not good for us, like fat, gristle, skin and parts of an animal that we wouldn’t dare eat, why would it be good for the other member of our family, our dog!

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