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Teaching Beau to Swim

Most people think all dogs can swim. That’s not true. They can do something that MAY help to save themselves should they get in that situation. But some dogs are so panicked in the water that they could actually drown. Toby’s dog Beau was one of those dogs. She tried for years to get him to go in the lakes in New Jersey with all his “buds” but he would only go in to his elbows. However she wanted him to swim because he has a potential joint problem that swimming will help.

When we were just about to open our center, we brought in a special instructor to give us some advanced training in aqua therapy. Our first subject was Beau. This video starts with the first time we got Beau into the water, and follows his progress until sometime a month or so later, when he finally “gets it.” Today, he swims like a champ, and Toby is pleased. Even though he has no problems today, we can give him high quality, non-weight bearing exercise in our pool, which we believe will help prevent problems down the road. We believe it’s better to choose fitness and health today, extending your dog’s health and quality of life. Swim therapy in a warm water, non chlorinated pool is one of the best ways to achieve that goal.

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