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The Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

A study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine showed a 57 percent increase in long term fitness for individuals who worked out with a personal trainer.  Why is this? Here are some reasons.

Motivation and accountability. If you’re on your own you’re apt to put off working out.  Not only will a personal trainer provide motivation and encouragement necessary to remain committed but will also provide a measure of structure and accountability. 

Programs are tailored to your individual needs. Personal trainers have the knowledge to customize a program that’s right for you.  TheGoldy on the peanut trainer will look closely at your needs and develop a safe and efficient program based on your workout objectives and goals. 

Doing it right. You won’t waste time or effort performing workout routines that don’t do you any good.  With the help of a personal trainer, you’ll do it right the first time. The trainer will watch your form, thresholds, limits and strengths.  Every day you will work efficiently and will be able to work closer toward achieving your goals. 

Safety. According to the Mayo Clinic, improper technique is the leading cause of injuries while working out.  By hiring a personal trainer, you can greatly reduce the chance of injuring yourself while you exercise. Personal trainers are there to make sure your workout routines are safe and to ensure you’re not working too hard.

Results-driven training and progress tracking. Personal trainers look at your diet as well as other aspects of your life and make changes so you can perform more effective workouts or set more realistic goals for yourself. Your trainer will also track your progress – giving an objective look and keeping you away from the temptation of cheating.

Refreshing new routines. Personal trainers can introduce you to new exercises.  The trainer will help sharpen your mental focus as well as come up with new ideas to challenge your body and your mind more effectively.

By creating a comprehensive workout plan that suits your fitness and bodily needs, a personal trainer can help make exercise a long term addition to your lifestyle.

Can the same idea work for your dog? Absolutely! For all the reasons above, having a personal trainer for your dog is a great way to keep your dog in top shape. If you look at all the top canine athletes, they all have fitness coaches to keep them in peak physical and mental shape. If you’re interested in learning more about personal training for your dog, please contact us.