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The Importance of Canine Conditioning

This past Saturday we attended a great workshop in Ocala taught by Liz McGuire, a physical therapist for humans and someone who works with dogs for injury prevention and sports specific conditioning. While the primary focus of the workshop was on canine athletes, the techniques we learned can be applied to any dog to help keep them in top shape.

Most dogs, once they reach the age of around 5 years old need to start regularly doing strength and conditioning exercises. With humans, if our core muscles aren’t strong, we stand the chance of injury when we try to do something we don’t often do. The same is true with dogs. 

A dog’s primary core muscles are their back and stomach muscles. It’s important, especially for long backed dogs such as dauchshunds and corgis that these muscles be strengthened to prevent possible injury. I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard of a daucshund being seriously injured jumping off the couch. These types of injuries could possibly be prevented if the dog’s core muscles are kept strong.

Strength and conditioning exercises aren’t hard and don’t take a lot of time. It does take some patience to get the dog used to the activity and the equipment. Dogs are not forced into any activity, they participate willingly (with treats of course!). If you would like more information on how you can get your dog started on a conditioning program, please feel free to contact us.