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Think Twice Before Bringing Home a Christmas Puppy

With the holidays here, many people think of bringing that cute puppy home as a Christmas gift. The kids have been begging for a puppy, so what better gift can you give them? Before you do this, stop and think, and continue reading!

Puppies take a lot of work, and for most people, the holidays are crazy enough without the added stress of caring for a puppy. The additional stress can also be traumatic and scary for the pup, and he deserves to be brought into a new home that’s less chaotic.

Bringing a dog into your life (be it a puppy or an older dog) should be a decision that’s thought out and researched. Ask yourself what kind of dog is best for your family and your lifestyle. Here are some things to consider:

All of these questions and more need to be considered. Just like the decision to have children, bringing a dog into your life should be thought out in the same careful manner.

It’s a sad fact that many dogs who were originally purchased as Christmas presents wind up in shelters, sometimes within months, because of the spur of the moment decision to “get the kids a puppy” for Christmas. Puppies are not toys and shouldn’t be viewed as such. Once the puppy grows into an adolescent, people often can’t handle them, and give them up.

Here’s an idea – instead of giving a puppy for Christmas, give the “promise of a puppy.” This can be great fun and will allow your children to participate in the process, giving them opportunities to learn by helping to make decisions. Allow them to help you research breeds suitable for your family. It’s exciting and gives them something to look forward to! Then look at rescue groups or responsible breeders (never a puppy store) and plan on the right time to bring your new dog into your life. That way, you set up the best possible scenario for success and a long term companion in your new puppy!

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