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Think with your Heart not just your head!!

I read an article about the heart in my February newsletter from Donna Eden. Donna is a renowned Energy Medicine Practitioner, author of “Energy Medicine”, and MY teacher – OK not just mine! Donna has held hundreds of workshops and classes all over the world, so she’s a teacher to thousands! Donna shared a wonderful article on the heart in celebration of Valentine’s Day. I remember when I was little my Mom would always say to me “think with your head not just your heart!” It was such a struggle for me, I would always “just think with my heart!” I believe the heart is smart, I feel it’s my head that gets in my way!! Years of practicing Energy Medicine and applying the techniques every day, has strengthened my connection with my heart, and for me and the work I do, it feels easier and healthier to connect with others in a kind, loving, healing, non judgmental way. After reading the article, watching the video, and reading other articles about this research, I am in awe of our hearts. I see that our hearts are great communicators!

For more than 20 years The Institute of HeartMath has been doing ground breaking research in the new discipline of neurocardiology. This research has provided critically important insights into the nervous system within the heart and how the brain and heart communicate with each other via the nervous system. The heart operates and processes information independently of the brain or nervous system, it has it’s own intrinsic nervous system, which scientist call the “heart brain.” Scientists recognize that the heart is more than a simple pump.

The heart communicates to the brain and to the body via electromagnetic field interactions. The body’s most powerful and most extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field, generates from the heart. This magnetic component is greater than that of the brain and it permeates every cell in the body. With the use of sensitive magnetometers, the electromagnetic field generated from the heart can be detected several feet away from the body.

We communicate emotions through this field too. The rhythmic beating patterns of the heart change significantly as we experience different emotions, thus affecting the electromagnetic field. Since our fields can be measured a distance from our bodies, we must be constantly communicating our emotions to everyone around us. We can pick up on each others “vibes.”

In communication, I’ve learned that receiving information and listening is of the utmost importance. So does the heart receive? Does the heart listen? Through the use of a rigorous experimental design, this research has revealed compelling evidence that while both the heart and brain receive and respond to information about future events, it appears that the heart receives this information before the brain does. This suggests that the heart’s field may be linked to a more subtle energetic field that contains information, an intuitive perception perhaps? Donna explains that although we may have an inkling of the intuitive power of the heart, we’re just beginning to know the biological and the energetic influences the human heart exerts on our daily lives.

We have fascinating hearts don’t we?

Take great care of your heart, connect with, honor and celebrate your heart. Find ways to bring happiness in to your heart! Your positive, happy, healthy heart field, connecting with another person’s positive, happy, healthy heart field, and so on, and so on, may help influence the world around you, and around all of us! We’re all connected! Practice with your dog, they’re heart smart!!

I’m glad I’ve been “thinking with my heart” all these years! I’m calling my Mother right now!! So grateful I still can!!

~ Lisa Licensed Massage Therapist, Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner
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