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Thinking About Exercise? What About Your Dog?

When you think about exercise, have you ever thought about muscle-specific exercise for your dog? Humans do strength training to improve balance, develop specific muscle groups, work on range of motion and flexibility, and more. The same is true for dogs – we call it “Canine Conditioning.” Canine Conditioning is popular with canine athletes but our beloved couch potatoes can also benefit.

Just like with humans, structured physical conditioning involves not only specific exercise but includes stretching, warm-ups and cool-down exercises. The benefits of a structured exercise program are numerous. Dogs that are in good physical condition perform better in sports and competition with less chance of injury. It’s also easier for physically conditioned dogs to maintain a healthy weight. Dogs who participate in strength training have healthier hips and backs because their well-developed muscles are better able to support their bodies. From a psychological standpoint, it gives them an appropriate outlet for pent-up energy. It helps to reduce hyperactivity and behavior problems related to boredom and insufficient activity.

Dogs are active by nature. Their ancestors, wolves, covered many miles every day in search of food. Many domestic dogs were selectively bred to be even more active by hunting, herding or patrolling for hour after hour. Preventing them from their genetically programmed activity level only builds frustration, which usually exhibits itself in the form of hyperactivity, barking, digging, tail chasing, home destruction, and other behavior problems. Lack of proper exercise is one of the major reasons behind many causes of problem behavior. Remember, it’s difficult for a tired dog to get into trouble!

Proper exercise for your dog isn’t just a nicety; it’s a necessity for maintaining optimal physical and mental well-being. As the saying goes “a tired dog is a happy dog, and a happy owner!”

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