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Thinking of Trying to Massage Your Dog? Great Idea!

One of the most important things to remember though is not how to do the various strokes. You will learn those strokes as you practice. What’s more important is to find a quiet time when both you and your dog are “in the mood.” Your dog must want to receive a massage, and you must be in the proper frame of mind to give a massage. You should be as stress free as possible, and not thinking of the kids, or what you have to cook for dinner, or how your day was at work.

When you have that time, find a place that’s quiet, and away from the kids and other dogs. Then relax, breathe, and focus. Set your full attention on your dog, and set your intention to help him stay healthy. Then place your hands on him. If you do nothing else than passive touch – placing your hands gently on various parts of your dog’s body – you have made a positive difference in his life. Congratulations!