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Tips to Protect Your Dog from Getting Lost

If your dog is lost, what is the probability that he will be found and returned to you? Not sure – it depends on the circumstances. 

Most of us have ID tags on our dog’s collar but it’s been my experience especially in my neighborhood that most dogs get out after having had a bath and have no collar on.  

Since there is a possibility that a dog can get out without a collar, a permanent form of identification is most practical.  Using a microchip implant, which is a small computer chip with an identification number programmed into it that’s unique to your pet is the best option.  The procedure is simple, routine and painless and it can’t be altered or removed.  If you’re concerned about side effects of the implant, speak to your veterinarian.  There are several brands of microchips and most veterinarians and animal shelters have scanners that can read the code from all of the brands. Your responsibility once you microchip your pet is to register it, otherwise it’s useless. Even if you decide to microchip your dog, a collar with ID tag should still be worn.

Another option is to include a GPS device on your dog’s collar. It’s a small, lightweight, water-resistant locator that attaches comfortably to his collar with a durable and secure pouch.  You can pinpoint your dog’s location on-demand via the internet or mobile phone.

When all is said and done, it’s about being a responsible pet owner – make sure your fences are secure, don’t leave your dog unattended outside, make sure your kids know to close doors, walk with your dog on leash, and take walks throughout the neighborhood so your dog is familiar with the surroundings and your neighbors are familiar with your dog.  If he should get loose, either your dog will be able to find his way or your neighbor will be able to bring him home. You know your dog better than anyone and what he’s capable of doing.

 Accidents happen but we want to take every precaution to ensure our pet is with us for a very long time.

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