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Tired Of Searching For Dog Boarding In College Park? We’ve Got You Covered

Are you struggling to find a safe and reliable place to board your pup while you are away? Rocky’s Retreat offers dog boarding in College Park and is here for you.

Whether you’re planning out the last details of your vacation or looking for a great place for your pup while you’re at work, you need dog boarding in College Park. This search can be a challenging one when you are wanting to find a place that is well-equipped to take care of your dog and provide all of the love and attention it needs while you are away!

We get it, and we’re here to put your mind at ease! Rocky’s Retreat is the best location for dog boarding in college park, and here’s why.

We’re Here For You

First off, we know that dropping your pup off in an unfamiliar place is very hard. They are a member of your family, and you just want what is best for them. That is why we make a promise to be here for you just as much as we are there for your pup!

To keep you in the loop, we will send you daily updates on how your dog is enjoying their own little vacation. We will provide you with photos and even hop on a phone call with you if that will help to ease any of your concerns. 

We are here for you and want to make sure you can enjoy your time away. Our trainers work with dogs all day long and make sure to treat each and every one like they are family.

Endless Activities For Your Pup

Keeping your pup entertained during their stay is our top priority. At Rocky’s Retreat, we have so many amazing indoor and outdoor activities for your dog to take part in. 

Our facility offers over 7,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space for your dog to explore. We even have a dog gym on-site so your pup can get active and stay fit during their stay with us!

Your pup will have the option to take part in any of the following activities:Dog Boarding In College Park

Your Search For Dog Boarding In College Park Is Over – Book With Us Today!

If you are ready to board your dog at a safe, highly-recommended boarding facility, you have found the right spot. Rocky’s Retreat is the

best in the area, and our team members are ready to give your pup all the love and care it needs while you are away.

If you are interested in touring our facility, fill out the form on our website or contact us today for more information on our boarding policies.