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Trends About Weight Problems in Dogs

The 2012 survey results published by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) are out and reveal some interesting statistics. Compared to 2011, dogs are doing “slightly” better in terms of weight management. Here are the statistics:

APOP Survey Data                                                          Year
In millions20112012
Number of Dogs in US7870
Overweight or obese41.136.7
% All Dogs  
Overweight or obese53.0%52.5%
Sample Size (dogs)4591,485
Clinics participating in survey41121

As you can see, the number of obese dogs is going down but the number of overweight dogs has risen slightly. This is good news but it’s still not enough. Being overweight can knock years off of your dog’s life.

One of the many success stories here at Rocky’s Retreat is Lulu, a 3 year old rescue pit/bull mastiff mix. Lulu’s mom Leslie realized Lulu had gained weight and wanted to stop it. She started swimming her 3 times a week, and after 8 weeks, she has lost about 6 pounds, gained a lot of muscle mass, and her endurance has probably tripled. She now runs like crazy and can keep up with her “brother” Jackson, a 2 year old pit/greyhound mix. Leslie is doing the right thing by swimming Lulu to get the weight off.

If your dog is overweight, let us help you add years to your dog’s life!