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Victoria Stillwell Visits Rocky’s Retreat!

Three years ago, when one of the producers of Victoria Stillwell’s internationally known TV show “It’s Me or the Dog” contacted Toby to massage a dog (thinking Toby still lived in New Jersey where the episode was beingVictoria Stillwell visits Rocky's Retreat filmed) we said to each other, “Wouldn’t it be so cool to have her visit Rocky’s Retreat?” Last week, it finally happened! We had the pleasure of meeting her when she visited our facility on Friday. She was in town for the SPCA of Central Florida’s Paws in the Park event, one of their premier fundraisers. We gave her a tour, demonstrated how we work with dogs in the pool and on the FitPAWS pilates equipment to improve their strength, muscle tone and endurance. We were told later she was impressed with what we’re doing and has never seen a facility like ours before. Thanks Victoria, for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit us. It meant a lot to us!

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