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Water Therapy for Dogs: Why You Should Consider It

Swimming is an excellent exercise for humans. It can help with arthritis and can build up cardiovascular endurance and strength, but did you know that swimming can also be useful for pups, too? Water therapy for dogs can have incredible benefits.

Does your dog have trouble going on walks? Does your dog struggle trying to jump up on your bed? Then look no further than hydrotherapy for dogs!

As it turns out, hydrotherapy is perfect for dogs who suffer from ailments such as arthritis, degenerative diseases, and other bone or joint conditions.

Builds Strength

That’s right! Water therapy for dogs can toughen your pooch and help him build strength. Because water creates resistance on all sides, this resistance can build up your dog’s strength and endurance. Since water is low impact, there’s no fear of injury.

Helps Alleviate Pain

water therapy for dogsWhen dogs swim and move around in a pool, the motion helps relax their muscles which can help alleviate pain for them. Warm waters can also alleviate pain – and our pool is heated. It’s the ONLY indoor heated pool in Florida for dogs!

Helps with Nerves

Just like with pain, water helps relax your dog, not only physically, but emotionally, too. Water is soothing and can relax your dog’s nerves.

Here at Rocky’s Retreat, we offer 2 different kinds of hydrotherapy for dogs as well as pool usage:

Assisted Hydrotherapy Sessions

These lessons are perfect for dogs who are older than 7, have ailments such as arthritis or are handicapped, or injured. Each lesson is taught with a certified canine hydrotherapist. We have 6 hydrotherapists on staff and we can accommodate dogs of any size!

Our hydrotherapist will guide, train and monitor your little hound. Each session is customized to your dog’s needs.

Assisted Swim Sessions

In our assisted swim lessons, an instructor will be there, guiding your dog and helping your pup learn to swim better. Your pup will learn with the help of a trained professional.

Recreational Swims

You can sign your dog up for fun in the pool. Here, you are in charge of your pup. You can play fetch with him, or just have them go for a good swim. Unfortunately, you can’t be in the pool with your little guy due to health code rules, but you can still have fun playing fetch with your pup.

So why not get your furry friend signed up for some hydrotherapy for dogs sessions today, or just come on in and take your dog for a swim. We have the ONLY indoor pool for dogs in the state! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call today!