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What Will Your Pup Do At Our Hunter’s Creek Doggy Day Camp? We’ve Got Your Answer

Are you wondering what happens at our Hunter’s Creek doggy day camp? Here’s an overview of the activities we have on-site to keep your pup entertained. 

If you’ve decided to try out our Hunter’s Creek doggy day camp, your pup is in for a real treat! Rocky’s Retreat is the perfect place to ensure that your dog is taken care of and entertained all day long.

We know that it can be stressful to leave your dog in an unfamiliar place. We completely understand, which is why we have taken extra care to keep the fun rolling. At our facility, we aim to provide your dog with an endless amount of activities until you return to pick them up.

The members of our staff are highly trained and spend a lot of time working one-on-one with the animals that come to play at Rocky’s Retreat. To help you feel more comfortable about our Hunter’s Creek doggy day camp, here is a breakdown of the main activities we have to keep your pup happy.

Off-Leash Playtime

A benefit to signing your pup up for our Hunter’s Creek doggy day camp is that our facility is equipped with a huge outdoor play area!

This area is fenced-in for your dog to run about freely and explore in a safe and closed-off environment. This off-leash playtime is especially great if your dog is sociable. They will be allowed to run around and play with the other pups on site.

To ensure a safe and happy environment for everyone at our facility, we only allow a maximum of 12 dogs per day to take part in our doggy day care activities. Your dog will get all of the attention and exercise it needs just by participating in this outdoor playtime. 

Sand Pit For Digging Hunter’s Creek doggy day camp

Did you know that digging is not only great exercise for dogs, but it can also reduce their stress levels while in a new environment

In our outdoor space, we offer a huge sandpit that is perfect for digging. Your dog can safely dig for as long as they’d like all while under the supervision of our staff.

Training Reinforcement

Our doggy day camp isn’t just fun and games. It can also be a chance to reinforce good behaviors and encourage skill retention. We know that practice makes perfect when it comes to training a dog. This is why we are here to offer any training reinforcement you would like while your pup is with us!

Visit Our Hunter’s Creek Doggy Day Camp Facility Today

If you have been looking for a place to take your dog for some safe and exciting playtime, your search is over. Rocky’s Retreat is the best place for your pup to be, and we are excited to have them experience a day at our facility.

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