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What’s the Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Dog?

What do you think is the best gift you can give your pet? Could it be your love? Or your time? Those are definitely important, but I think the best gift we can give our beloved pet companions is the gift of health.

It begins with the basics, food and water. Provide only pure water whenever possible. Change your pet’s water at least twice daily. Keep the bowl clean and in a place protected from dust and debris.Give your dog the right amount of exercise and proper nutrition to ensure health

Strive to buy the best quality food you can.  Learn about the ingredients in your pet’s food. Seek out local holistic pet food stores – they are a wealth of information on healthy foods for your animal companion.

Exercise and play with your pet regularly, and make sure he is properly trained and socialized. Learn to massage your pet, and give him the emotional security he needs.

Look at the cleaning products in your home and the fertilizers and other toxins on your lawn. Remove as many of those cleaning products as you can. Also look at the toxins you give your dog. Flea and tick preventatives are toxic. Non toxic alternatives do exist.

There are many more things I can suggest to help you have a healthy, happy dog, but this is a start. Incorporate as many of these into your daily life as you can, and it can help your pet live a longer, healthier and happier life. In turn, you’ll enjoy your furry friend’s company for a lot longer. And that’s ultimately what we all want.