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Why Teach Puppies to Swim?

Contrary to popular belief, many dogs don’t know how to swim. And as adult dogs, many also are terrified of the water. Since there are so many backyard pools especially in states like Florida, it’s important to teach your puppy how to swim. Why? Because they can potentially drown if they fall in. At Rocky’s Retreat, we can teach your puppy to swim. After we do, the only thing you need to do is teach your dog where the steps are. Dogs need to know how to swim and how to safely get out of a pool. Just like you want to teach your children to swim, you should do the same thing with your new pup.

Here’s a cute video of Ralphie, an 11 week old bull mastiff pup, going for his first swim lesson. While he can swim pretty well, he tends to sink unless our hands support his rear end. Our goal is to teach him so he doesn’t sink and consequently panick in the water. What a cute little boy he is and we’re pleased his “parents” are being proactive!

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