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Fireworks Fear – Helping Your Dog Cope with Noise Phobias

Is your dog afraid of fireworks and other loud noises?

Does he begin to pace, pant, drool, or want to hide in the closet the moment there’s a hint of a storm brewing?

Is Your Dog Afraid of Fireworks?

Experts don’t know why dogs develop noise phobias, but they say it’s real, and shouldn’t be ignored.

In anticipation of 4th of July fireworks in a couple of days, and summertime thunderstorms back in full swing, what can you do to help reduce your dog’s anxiety if he suffers from noise phobias? Here are some suggestions.










Because noise phobias can often become worse over time, it’s important to take action when you first begin to notice symptoms.

If you don’t, it will become a serious problem that will adversely affect your dog’s quality of life. With regular work with your dog, you can improve this condition, and have a happier, healthier dog in return.