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5 Training Tricks To Teach Dogs While You Work From Home

Keeping your pup stimulated while you work from home can be a challenge. Here are our 5 tricks to teach dogs so you can focus on your day and keep your best friend occupied.

You may be trying to get things done around the house or adjust to working from home, but your pup has a different idea of how you should spend your day. 

Training Tricks To Teach DogsKeeping your furry friends stimulated throughout the day can be a bit of a challenge. This is one of the reasons why many pup parents opt for daycare, in addition to its many other benefits, including socialization. Whether or not your pup’s enrolled in our daycare, you should keep them stimulated with these 5 training tricks to teach dogs. 

Pro Tip: Find out what motivates your pup (food, treats, toys, affection, etc.), so you’ll know what they’ll respond best to and what rewards are most effective for your dog. 


Training Trick #1: Sit

Teaching your dog to sit can be very helpful, especially when you’re trying to get them still enough to put their leash on or just in a calmer state. Dogs will typically take to this training trick quickly, but like any training session it takes patience, consistency and repetition–baby steps.   

Training Trick #2: Stay

Another training trick to teach your dogs is to stay. This trick comes in handy when you need them to stay in their posture–sit, down, place, or standing–so that you can move around or leave without having them follow you. 

Training Trick #3: Here

Also known as a “recall,” training them to come back to you when called is extremely important, especially if they are on the loose, at the dog park or chasing butterflies. “Here” could potentially save you and your pup from a bad situation. 

Training Trick #4: Leave It

Another handy trick to teach dogs is “leave it.” Dogs use their nose and mouths to identify things, and sometimes those things aren’t always in their best health interests. Teaching them to leave something alone can benefit you and them in the long run.

Training Trick #5: Place

Teaching your pup to go to a particular place is one trick you’ll be glad they know–especially when you’re entertaining guests. When the doorbell rings, tell them to go to their place which allows your guests to get through the door and settle in before being overwhelmed with puppy kisses and greetings. 

Run through the above training tricks to teach dogs with your pup for a few minutes throughout the day to keep him or her stimulated. We’d love to meet your pup too, so feel free to swing by for daycare or a hydrotherapy session. Reserve your spot, schedule a tour or contact us for more information. We hope to see you here soon!