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5 Ways Our Maitland Dog Hotel is Different Than the Rest

We understand you want the best for our pet, and our Maitland dog hotel offers a boutique boarding and daycare experience for your sweet buddy, where playtime and individual attention are top priorities for our expert staff. We offer an intimate setting where our furry guests enjoy lots of activities, one-on-one time with our staff, and even have access to the ONLY climate-controlled, indoor, warm water pool in Florida.

Dog Boarding

No need to be concerned about where to leave your dog when you are traveling. We’ve got you! You can enjoy peace of mind on your trip knowing your dog is being cared for by trained staff who truly care about our pet. Our experienced, loving staff will make sure your dog is happy and healthy. Your sweet pup can enjoy a vacation as well while they are with us because we provide a level of attention, fun activities, and personalized care you won’t find anywhere else. Below are just a few of the offerings with dog boarding at Rocky’s Retreat:


Send your furry friend to our spa for the day for an experience like no other. We are happy to provide bathing services while your pup is staying with us for daycare or Maitland dog boarding. You can also make an appointment specifically for bathing. Our basic bath package includes a bath, blow dry and brushing, plus ear cleaning. Prices range from $15 for a small pup to $30 for an extra large dog. Want to add a little more to your buddy’s day at the spa? We offer nail dremel and teeth brushing to keep your pup looking and feeling  their best.

Day Care

Maitland dog hotel

Our doggie day care provides an inclusive, individualized experience for all our guests. We limit the number of dogs to a maximum of 12 each day so ensure we can provide plenty of attention and care. We take time to get to know our day care pups, and we place them in small play groups from 2-5 friends who will play and rest together throughout the day. In addition, our doggie day care program includes the following: 

With drop off anytime after 7:30 am and pick up anytime before 6:30 pm Monday – Friday, your pampered pup will have days filled with fun, friends, and lots of love. Click here to find out more about the daily/weekly package investment and our membership options.


If your dog suffers from a physical condition like arthritis, dysplasia, or is recovering from surgery, hydrotherapy service at our Maitland dog boarding facility is a great way to help them move and gain strength in a low-impact environment. Rocky’s Retreat offers warm water swimming activities that will improve muscle tone, strength, loosen joints, loosen tense muscles, reduce pain, and ease stress and anxiety. Our recreational hydrotherapy sessions are also great for a pup who is fearful of water or is still learning to swim. For more information about the benefits of hydrotherapy, check out this article by the American Kennel Club. It’s fascinating how many dogs would benefit from the use of these services. A pool session with one of our trained staff members is safe and effective for your buddy because the hydrotherapist is constantly monitoring their well-being and guiding them through their exercises.

Events and Facility Rental

We will rent out our facility for your dog-friendly events! Rocky’s Retreat has plenty of space for your event with a large backyard, kitchen space, a multi-use room, and an inviting lobby. Our Maitland dog boarding space is perfect for meet-up groups, celebrations, and even corporate functions. We would be happy to help you plan your ideal event and can also help you determine how to utilize the space, our variety of dog-centered services, and catering for your event.

We also host events like classes and workshops to help you learn more about yourself and your beloved pup. Our classes are a lot of fun and are created to help you increase the bond you have with your buddy. Two popular events we host regularly are doggie dental dates and free swim. 

We also add additional pop-up events all the time, so be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, or join our email list. We would love to have you and your furry friend join us!