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5 Ways We Bring The Comfort Of Home To Our Kissimmee Dog Boarding Hotel

When your buddy needs to board, you have lots of choices. Here is why you’ll find that Rocky’s Retreat is top-dog in your search for a Kissimmee dog boarding hotel.

If you need a Kissimmee dog boarding hotel to care for your furry friend while you’re away, you likely did some research. You don’t want to leave precious Precious at just any facility. At Rocky’s Retreat, we know you have plenty of choices of boarding hotels, and that’s why we strive to keep our canine customers happy and wanting to come back again and again. Here’s what sets us apart from the pack.

Our Boarding Suites are Sweet!

We offer a variety of room sizes to accommodate your doggo:

Garden suites – 4×4 for the smaller pups

Sandcastle suites – 5×4 for a smidge more space

Sunset suites – 6×4 with an outside-facing window so your poochie can watch the sun go down

Beachside suites – 8×4 with a large outside-facing window (luxury overload!)

Princess suite – 5×6 for your Princess

Prince suite – 4×5 with a bonus area

There really is a suite for every pooch’s preference! We work with different budgets too, offering a variety of price points for your little guy or gal.

Plenty Of Outdoor Play

If Rover loves to run, he’s in luck! Our Kissimmee dog boarding hotel facility boasts huge play areas with real grass for our guests to get all their energy out. We offer supervised play time with other dogs (pending evaluation, of course) so Fido can make lots of new friends. 

Human interaction is also important to the well-being of our canine companions, so we are sure to spend quality one-on-one time with them. We toss the ball, play tug-of-war, and give lots of high-quality hugs and kisses.

Highly-Trained StaffKissimmee dog boarding hotel

Our pets love our team, and our team loves them right back. Each one has a special place in their hearts for dogs, and it’s their mission to keep your pup happy while he’s away from home. Let’s meet one of our terrific team members!

Eva Chacon joined us all the way from Venezuela, and she is one of our Certified Canine Hydrotherapists (more on that below). She saw how beneficial hydrotherapy can be for dogs with her own sweet Luna. We love having Eva with us at Rocky’s Retreat! 


We are pleased that our Kissimmee dog boarding hotel offers hydrotherapy to our guests because of how beneficial it can be for dogs who are:

We offer several different hydrotherapy packages to let your dog swim, play, and feel better on your budget. Our hydrotherapy staff is certified to treat dogs of all ages, sizes, and health conditions in the water. We also offer recreational swimming for dogs who don’t need therapy but just love the water!

Spa Packages

After a long day of playing, some pups need some pampering. At Rocky’s Retreat, our Kissimmee dog boarding hotel offers baths, blow-outs, and more. We want our pup pals to be relaxed and photo-ready for those pics we send to their parents during their stay! Add-ons include nail trimming, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning. All are great additions to your dog’s stay with us.

When you are looking for a Kissimmee dog boarding hotel to take excellent care of your fur baby, look no further than Rocky’s! Contact us if you have any questions, want to visit our facility, or are ready to book your pup’s stay. We can’t wait to meet you both!